MoBagel is a key vendor of AI/ML platform (Gartner, 2020) with a mission to empower data teams and enterprises to become AI-driven, and thus the vision of “Think with AI”. With a team consisting of talents from top universities such as Stanford, UC Berkeley, and Oxford, MoBagel has designed and engineered Decanter AI, an AutoML platform that contains more than 100 machine learning algorithms to help enterprises quickly build AI-driven data solutions.

Decanter AI has helped MoBagel secure key clients and successful cases in the United States, Japan, China and Taiwan with its AI-driven data solutions in Manufacturing, Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, E-commerce, Telecom, Traveling industries as well as solutions for Sales and Marketing. With a growing customer base that includes SoftBank(日本軟銀), ChungHwa Telecom(中華電信), Advantech(研華), Coca Cola(太古可口可樂), MoBagel has been selected by Gartner Report - Top 10 Strategic Tech Trends for 2020.

Here are some of the credits that MoBagel has received:

- Gartner Report - Top 10 Strategic Tech Trends for 2020 : Key Vendor of AI/ML platform

(2020年 Gartner十大戰略技術趨勢報告推薦為「全球 AI/ML 平台代表廠商」)
- UC Berkeley SkyDeck (UC Berkeley's premier startup accelerator)
- SoftBank Innovation Program (1st Round Winner) 日本軟銀創新合作計畫
- Nokia Innovation Challenge (Top Prize of 400 startups) 全球首獎 (巴黎授獎)
- Microsoft x Coca-Cola Smart Retail Hackathon (1st Prize in Greater China Region) 中華區冠軍 (台北授獎)
- 入選微軟 AI 100 及微軟加速器
- Plug and Play IoT Expo (1st Prize of 300 startups) 全美冠軍 (美國授獎)
- 科技部評選年度最佳十酷科技新創

- 日本東京都庁 海外技術年度引商八大企業 (東京授獎)
- 法國東方匯理銀行 新創企業挑戰 第一名 (巴黎授獎)
- 美國矽谷 IoT World Conf 人工智慧組 冠軍 (美國授獎)

MoBagel's Culture

- We strongly believe in our cultural values of SOLVE (Share, Open, Lead, Vision, Engage) to create value and how it drives both individual personal growth and the growth of our company as a whole. The ideal MoBageler should be willing and able to solve problems with the SOLVE mentality.

- SOLVE 解決問題、加值利他
S for Share :願意分享資訊、知識、想法及感受
O for Open : 開放接受多元價值及問題方法
L for Lead : 帶領他人成長
V for Vision : 拓展視野、積累專業洞察
E for Engage : 主動承諾與行動,在乎彼此互動感受與安全感