Software Engineer - Machine Learning 機器學習工程師

Taipei City, Taiwan
Software Engineering
Full Time

What You'll Do / Responsibilities

1. Maintain, develop and optimize the machine learning engine in DecanterAI, our flagship analytic product. 

2. Build CI/CD flow to maintain product stability. 

3. Co-work with data science team to derive new functionalities.

Required Qualifications

[You should know these] 

- Bachelor degree or above in computer engineering/computer science or related fields. 

- Experience with Linux based OS (CentOS, Ubuntu, Arch Linux, etc.). 

- Experience with an OS scripting language. 

- Knows Python and another major OOP language (e.g. Java, C++).  

[You probably should know these] 

- Experience with non-trivial Python package (e.g. Jinja2, Pandas, etc.). 

- Experience with containerization technology. 

- Experience with database and caching services. 

- Knows Apache Spark. 

- Knows machine learning basics.

Preferred Qualifications

- Knows Python based web framework, preferably FastAPI. 

- Familiar with a functional programming language, or knows Scala. 

- Expert in scalable networking design, including high availability, redundancy, failover, and load balancing. 

- Expertise in MongoDB and Redis. 

- Expertise in Kubernetes. 

- Expertise in Docker. 

- Expertise in database internals, database language theories, database design, SQL and database programming. 

- Knowledge of fundamental networking technologies, protocols and tools (TCP, HTTP, RESTful API).

Benefits / Compensation


1. 上下班時間彈性  

2. 不影響工作進度下,自由排休不扣薪  

3. Team Building 凝聚共識與感情  

4. 每個月不定時舉辦員工聚餐或活動  

5. 員工慶生活動  

6. 辦公室備有免費飲料與零食  

7. 早晚餐供應、TGIF 免費午餐  

8. 業績/分紅獎金  

9. 鼓勵並補助健康檢查  

10. 員工配股/優惠認購股份 


1. 在職進修補助 2. 員工教育訓練 3. 視疫情駐點輪調 (美國矽谷、日本東京、中國上海和北京)

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